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Mixing/Mastering portfolio


Studio Services

MTL specializes primarily in mixing and mastering. 



Sculpting sonic artistry through masterful mixing.

Mixing is an art form that transforms raw multitracks into a balanced and engaging sonic experience. By adjusting levels, sculpting frequencies, and enhancing dynamics, I strive to create the most cohesive mix around that will set the artist apart from the densely saturated and competitive music scene. I will enhance, and preserve the essence of your music to the top level.

Lets make your vision come to life!

At the Studio


The final step to music creation

Already have your music mixed and need the right master? This is the final process of music engineering, where I'll take the final mix, and run it through the proper digital/ analog processors to make it translate across all listening environments. I will deliver you the most sonically enhanced master that will sound amazing on everything, whether it's a phone, bluetooth speaker, or your mothers mini van.


let's Make you heard, make you loud, and have everybody listening to your hard work!


We’d love to be a part of your next audio production. Get in touch with us today.

1511 Hillside Dr. Midlothian, TX


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